Our company, IBG-Technological Centre Belgrade, has over 20 years of experience in the main business activity – production and finalization of Ni-Cd batteries.
We have a business centre in Belgrade and a manufacturing plant for battery finalization in Nis.
We would particularly emphasize our highly expert team and workers specialized in Ni-Cd battery field, as well as Ni-Mh, Li-Ion, thermal batteries and other types of power supply.
In addition to this, we have long-term experience in designing and manufacturing of chargers, panic lighting, as well as portable lights and safety lighting.
IBG batteries are manufactured and designed to measure specific performances and size criteria required by our customers.
We can offer complete custom-made packages of manufactured batteries from our wide range of the corresponding design.
Our designers are experienced engineers capable of working with clients in order to create a battery that will meet their requirements for long years to come.
As experts in specially designed batteries, our qualified construction engineers and technicians generate new technologies in close cooperation with our customers.
IBG Ni-Cd batteries cover a wide range of applications and they are used in almost any sector, regardless of whether it is private, industrial, commercial, government or military.
Our Ni-Cd batteries are used in applications in railcars and locomotives, at railway crossings, for generators, UPS systems, Telecom, mines, panic lighting, military, police, city traffic and metro, power generating stations, aviation and many other fields.
IBG batteries cover all railway applications: diesel and electric locomotives, engine and electric units, passenger wagons, metro, trams, trolley buses, trailers and mobile starting devices.
In order to enable IBG to provide a corresponding solution as required by a customer and to offer a selection for any battery application existing in the market, IBG standard Ni-Cd batteries are designed in several ranges of performances:
- KPL, KPM, KPH and aviation Ni-Cd batteries.
II. Manufacturing Program
The manufacturing program includes a range of Ni-Cd batteries for various purposes:
Railway, electric power industry, telecommunications, mail service, military, police and other.

1) Railway program includes the following:
A. Ni-Cd batteries for diesel, electric locomotives and electric trains
- 54KPH-155P (72V/155Ah) for locomotive733
- 48KPH-250P (72V/250Ah) for locomotive 661
- 60KPL-45P (72V/45Ah) for locomotive441
- 90KPL-45P (110V/45Ah) for electric train 461
- 90KPL-120P (110V/120Ah) for electric train 412
- 20KPH-280P (24V/280Ah) for diesel-engine train 711

B. Ni-Cd batteries for passenger wagons
- 18KPL-240P (24V/240Ah) seriesAR
- 18KPL-480P (24V/480Ah) series BLM
- 18KPL-375P (24V/375Ah) series BLM
- 18KPL-275P (24V/275Ah)seriesAR
C. Ni-Cd batteries for level crossings
- 30KPH-55P (2x15 cell - 36V/55Ah) for level crossings
- 12KPL-30P (14V/30Ah) for RBC
- 10KPL-60P (12V/60Ah) for RBC and level crossings

2) Ni-Cd range of batteries for electric power industry includes the following:

- batteries for backup supply of power generating stations
- batteries for diesel engines
- batteries for backup supply of energy power plants
- batteries for panic lights – emergency lights

3) Ni-Cd range of batteries for city traffic includes the following:

- batteries for trolley buses
- batteries for trams
- batteries for motor vehicles

4) Military-police range:

- radio-station batteries
- batteries for special-purpose devices
- airplane and helicopter batteries
- flashlight batteries

5) Production range according to technology:

- Ni-Cd batterytype KPL
- Ni-Cd battery type KPM
- Ni-Cd battery type KPH
- Airplane Ni-Cd batteries:

IBG airplane Ni-Cd batteries provide necessary, required power and energy for high performances, which is required by aviation applications. First-rate performances and high quality production with reliable quality control are the characteristics of this type of batteries. Application: helicopters, military planes, commercial planes and other aircraft.

- Ag-Zn batteries
- Li-Ion, Ni-Mhradio-station batteries
- Thermal batteries


Final products are manufactured and delivered with reliable and guaranteed quality in accordance with national and international standards:
- SRPS EN 60623: 2010 (IEC 623).
IBG TC company has the following standards certificates:
- SRPS ISO 9001:2015
- SRPS ISO 14001:2015
- SRPS ISO 45001:2018
in the field of manufacturing, installation, maintenance and servicing accumulators, batteries, charging devices and lights.
Size and accommodation of cells into containers and portable cases are in accordance with the requirements of the end-user and adequate for replacement of the existing batteries (most often produced by Krusik).
Guarantee period for the delivered batteries is 24 months.
We have an expert service team who will install batteries on the spot, according to the customer’s request, and they also perform regular servicing and maintenance of batteries beyond the guarantee period.


- The Railways of Serbia, Serbia Railway, Serbia Cargo and Infrastructure
- The Bulgarian Railways
- The Railways of Macedonia
- The Railways of Montenegro
- The Railways of the Republic of Srpska
- The Electrical Utility of the Republic of Serbia
- Telekom Serbia
- Zelvozand Smederevo Steel Mill
- SinvozZrenjanin
- The Post of Serbia
- Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia
- Public Utility Company GSP Beograd
- Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia
- Republican Meteorological and Hydrological Institute Belgrade

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